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Space Planning and Layout Design:

  • ● Creating efficient and functional floor plans
  • ● Optimizing furniture arrangement for flow and usability
  • Color Consultation:

  • ● Selecting appropriate color palettes for different spaces
  • ● Suggesting color combinations that reflect the desired mood
  • Furniture and Fixture Selection:

  • ● Advising clients on furniture styles, sizes, and materials
  • ● Curating a cohesive collection of furnishings that match the design concept
  • Residential Interior Design:

  • ● Designing living spaces that reflect the homeowner's personality and lifestyle
  • ● Incorporating elements for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics
  • Lighting Design:

  • ● Designing lighting schemes for different rooms and purposes
  • ● Selecting light fixtures that enhance the ambiance and functionality
  • Custom Furniture Design:

  • ● Designing unique furniture pieces tailored to the client's needs and space
  • ● Collaborating with artisans and manufacturers for custom creations
  • Commercial Interior Design:

  • ● Creating office layouts that enhance productivity and collaboration
  • ● Designing retail spaces that attract customers and align with brand identity
  • Interior Renovation and Remodeling:

  • ● Overseeing and advising on structural changes and renovations
  • ● Updating existing spaces to meet modern design standards
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Design:

  • ● Designing functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens and bathrooms
  • ● Selecting fixtures, materials, and layouts that optimize these spaces
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